Stop sacrificing your happiness and passions

We are all far too stressed out, overwhelmed, and frankly too damn busy trying to keep everyone else happy.

Sometimes these things start out small, we start dating someone who has different interests than our own and we grow to love the things they love while sacrificing what we love.

Us women especially have this issue: we love keeping everyone else happy and sometimes forget that we deserve to be on the top of our own list. If we keep ourselves happy, we do a much better job at keeping everyone else happy, too.

I have noticed this within my own life; I get really snippy and I get mad at everyone else for the littlest things when all it means is that I’m not putting myself at the top of my own list.

Here was a little bomb of wisdom from one of my closest friends, “How is anyone else supposed to respect the things you love to do if you don’t make them even aware of them in the first place?”


Let’s say you love going to the gym, and you decide to start working out again. You decide to go to the gym tonight right after work at 5:00. You are on your way out the door of work and your husband calls you with plans he made. You get instantly upset and want to cry and are bitter the rest of the night because he didn’t put your desires first.

But, here’s the thing, if you don’t openly and wildly declare, “I AM GOING TO THE GYM AT 5 TODAY AND UNLESS YOU ARE DYING, THESE PLANS ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED!” How the hell is anyone supposed to know these plans you have?

(Side note: If you do declare this, and people still piss on your plans, rethink these people in your life… This is a quick way to know who is supportive in your life and who isn’t.)

So, today, try to make your friends and family aware of the things you love and when you’re going to start bringing them back into your life. Sometimes they’ll even want to join you! But if you get some negative feedback, read my other post and maybe it’s time to find new people in your life.

At the very least, the internet is a great place to make new friends who have similar hobbies as you. I don’t know what I’d do without the support of my fitness friends I have met through the internet. Plus, this blog is all about Rethinking the Rulebook and thinking outside of the traditional norms out there.

Get out your planner, mark in the time TODAY to do something you love, then tell everyone who could interfere with this plan what you’re going to do.

Watch out world, you’re coming through.


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