Proud about your passions

Here is the thought going out to my readers for the next few days: Why do we still search for approval from some people even though we are adults now?

Why do we sheepishly say “Oh, here are my hopes and dreams” in a timid voice without that raw, real, confidence that we should have because, well, it’s your whole life and why shouldn’t you be able to speak confidently about it?

I have only noticed this recently within myself. Why do I still seek approval from people? Is it just in our DNA?

Why do I want people to be as excited as I am about the things I am pursuing? If they don’t give a fuck, why am I upset?

If your passion is stickers, why don’t you walk around like, “HEY I THINK STICKERS ARE AWESOME! And since I am aware of my passion, I make sure to keep it in my life as often as possible and it makes me so damn happy.” For whatever reason we say to ourselves, “No, stickers are for kids. It’s time to grow up and get a real job.”

Fuck that.

There is nothing shameful about having a passion in any area.

Who cares if your friends approve or if your family approves… Take your passion, and be proud of it! The only thing that matters is if it makes you happy.

So the next time you unapologetically tell someone your passion, and they turn their head to the side in confusion, just smile and say, “Wow, I’m sorry you don’t have something that lights up your life the way ______ does for me,” and simply walk away.

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4 thoughts on “Proud about your passions

  1. Many people seek validation for what they love to do. They feel that if very few people (or worse, nobody) is interested in their passion, then it’s not worth doing. This mindset goes back to their past when validation and approval as kids are so important to them. To all of us!

    My kids are drawing and they will come up to me to show me the new mark they made on the paper. Enthusiastically they will tell me all about it and ask me if I like it. Of course I will tell them it’s amazing and encourage them to continue. It would devastate them if I told them otherwise.

    I think many adults are still like this. Myself included!

    • The question is how we move on from that approval, especially when we are going out on a venture on our own, and we need to be our own approval.

      It’s always been fascinating for me, especially since I’m still metaphorically taking the picture up to people and asking for approval… haha!

      • I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, because I like this post a lot. And like you said, we need to be strong and be our own approval. We need to believe in ourselves.

        We need to look back at our past accomplishments and successes. Feel what it felt like to win, succeed, accomplish, finish.

        Experience that feeling of success and then transfer that feeling into what you are doing now, or your passion. You will look at your current project or situation with renewed vigor, vitality and eagerness.

        Like you said, who cares what anybody thinks. It’s your passion, don’t look to others for approval. Dive in with all your heart and soul!

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