Ways to Earn Money on the Side in College

When I was in college, minimum wage was barely enough to cover all my bills.

Some months, it simply wasn’t enough.

I had to figure something out, and fast.

During my hunt for a second job, I couldn’t find any bosses who would tolerate my crazy school schedule.

After another interview that went south, I immediately went home and googled how to make money on this crazy internet thing.

I had to sift through a TON of crappy MLM deals, of course, but I realized that legitimate businesses could be built online along with side hustles to create extra cash flow.

In today’s world, it’s so important to have multiple streams of income. When you have just one, and it’s taken from you due to circumstances outside your control, you have a limited time to get your finances together.

1. Selling old textbooks.

At the end of every semester, I’d hop on Amazon and sell my old school books. I’d also happily take any of the old textbooks from my classmates who were flying home during summer. It always brought in enough to at least pay some bills.

It’s not going to buy a BMW, but if you’re really strapped, it could help so much.

2. Tutoring.

Taking college classes can make you qualified enough to teach a subject for most parents. You could tutor kids from K-12 or even other college students either in person or online.

3. Small labor gigs.

You could always help people move around your city. Get some friends together and find gigs around your city to move stuff.

4. Niche websites.

This seems to be a crowded market these days, but don’t completely throw it out yet. If you’re truly passionate about a subject, you should start a website. Period. I owe my main website absolutely everything in my life. It’s currently my main source of income.

5. Freelancing.

After doing all of the above throughout college, this was really what changed everything for me. I was getting my degree in writing, so I thought why not freelance on the side?

6. Small businesses.

If you truly want to help people and have an idea how to do it at scale, START. I stared my small business my senior year and it is the reason why I do what I do now.

7. Subscription boxes.

This post is a good one to read and understand why this is a rising trend in the business world. I haven’t played in this space (yet), but I am keeping an eye on it all the time.


What are YOUR ideas for creating income on the side? In this new world there’s so many ways to do it, and anyone who has a little spare time should jump on these opportunities.


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